Smoked Gouda Cheese Wedges w/Red Rind


Weighted smoked Gouda cheese wedges with red rind.  (set of 2) Approx. 2″ X 1.5″ each

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Smoked Gouda Cheese Wedges with Red Rind
Another new addition to our cheese collection! We love getting the opportunity to expand our creations and what better way to do that than with cheese! This smoked Gouda cheese wedge is split in two and looks so realistic your party or house guests will always want a taste.

How It’s Made
Each of our products are handmade meaning that some of the colors and sizes of certain details may vary. In this specific piece, the texture on top of these cheese wedges and on the rind will vary. All this does is give it a more realistic look since no two cheese wedges are the same.

Molding real cheese wedges is the best way to get the most realistic look for this product. We have some amazing artists working for us and take our time with each product we make. We study the real versions of the foods to make sure we get the colors to match. To give this the smoked look, we use the airbrush. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best fake products we can make. This is something we pride ourselves in. We feel that by the support of our customers we can definitely make that dream come to reality!

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