Fake Melting Ice Cream Spoon with Chocolate Sauce


Spoon with melting vanilla ice cream and a swirl of chocolate sauce. (each spill is hand poured, so the size and shape will vary)

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Oh no, someone made a mess! Not to worry, there is no need to wipe up this sticky accident. This spoon sitting in a puddle of ice cream with a chocolate swirl looks incredibly real, but it’s fake! We use a real spoon that adds to the realistic aspect but the other elements are completely fake. This fake spilled ice cream puddle will surely have the attention of your guests and you will fool people all day long. Each item is approximately 6.” Whether it be for your event, business, or home, this item is perfect for display and decoration.

Due to the fact that our items are handcrafted, the color, size, and shape may slightly vary from the photos. Patterns and styles of flatware may vary based on availability. Each of our products are handmade meaning that colors and sizes of certain details may vary. All this means is that each of our products will be unique so no two are the same. This is something we pride ourselves in. We want to make sure each fake spill gets the time and attention needed to look so realistic. The size of the ice cream puddle will vary per piecel. Items may be cleaned using a damp cloth.

**This item is for decorative purposes only. It is not edible and is not meant to be played with. This product contains real food items that are preserved with resin. Please keep out of direct sunlight and heat.**

How It’s Made

As mentioned above, each one of these are made by using a real spoon to get a more realistic look. The process of making a ice cream puddle that looks so real is tedious work and takes patience. Our employees are experts in taking their time in each piece and making sure it looks real enough to eat. If you are wanting something customized don’t be afraid to reach out and ask. We love getting to perfect our skills by accepting new challenges. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best fake products we can make. We feel that by the support of our customers we can definitely make that dream come to reality!