Large Assorted Macaroons


Set of 6 large fake macaroons in assorted colors

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Set of 6 Large Fake Macaroons

These large macaroons are one of Just Dough It’s best sellers! Our customers go crazy over these realistic sets of 6 fake macaroons. Macaroons are a delicacy that you can have forever right in your own home! Our fake macaroons will never dull in color and will have your guests speechless for thinking they are real. These macaroons come in a variety of colors including pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, and orange.

How It’s Made

Each of our products are handmade meaning that colors may vary. All this means is that each of our products will be unique so no two are the same. This is something we pride ourselves in. We want to make sure each macaroon and product gets the time and attention needed to look so realistic. Since the colors are hand mixed for each batch we make, the colors of the products may vary. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best fake products we can make. We feel that by the support of our customers we can definitely make that dream come to reality!

Each of these macaroons are made by using real ones to mold to get these in the correct shape needed as mentioned above. This is another way we can get the textures just right and make our products look so realistic. They are then carefully hand painted and set to dry for the finishing touches. These specific pieces are airbrushed for color, which takes a lot of patience and practice to make them look so realistic. If you are wanting something customized don’t be afraid to reach out and ask. We love getting to perfect our skills by accepting new challenges.