Fake Cheeseburger Basket & Coke


Fast food basket with cheeseburger, potato wedges and a glass of Coke


Fake Cheeseburger Basket & Coke

The cheeseburger has been around since 1928 making it the ultimate fan favorite for all ages. Our cheeseburger basket and coke can also be enjoyable for everyone who sees it!

How It’s Made
Each of our products are handmade meaning that some of the colors and sizes of certain details may vary. In this specific piece, the size of the wedges will vary just like they do in real life. We use real molds of buns to get the shape and airbrush the color on. We have some amazing artists working for us and take our time with each product we make. We study the real versions of the foods to make sure we get the colors and textures just right. Another reason our food looks so real is because we use real food to make our molds. This is how we can get the vegetables used on this burger to look so real. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best fake products we can make. This is something we pride ourselves in. We feel that by the support of our customers we can definitely make that dream come to reality!

If you are wanting something customized don’t be afraid to reach out and ask. We love getting to perfect our skills by accepting new challenges! Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see any important updates we might have. You can access the link by clicking here- https://www.facebook.com/justdoughitfakefoods