Frosted Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles


One dozen frosted sugar cookies topped with sprinkles **Note – each cookie is hand frosted and may vary in color and frosting style**
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12 Frosted Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

These frosted sugar cookies come in three different flavors and are loaded with sprinkles! We made our sugar cookies with black, white, and pink frosting. These cookies are handmade like all of our other products. This just means that they will differ in coloring and frosting. The sprinkles on top are actually edible. After we dip it in resin though, they go from sweet to salty.

These cookies make great displays in your home or business. They are great to be on display year round and can fit with any home style or interior decorating. We guarantee you will have to warn people not to eat these realistic cookies. We achieve some of the realistic look by using real edible food that is then covered in resin.

How It’s Made

These cookies are made like our other assorted cookies by using cookie cutters to get the round shape. A big ball of fake dough is made and flattened out on a hard surface. After the cookie cutters are used to get the shape of the cookies, they are baked. After they cool down they are ready to be painted. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to get the details just right for these cookies. Our employees are all dedicated to providing our customers with the best product replicas we can make. This means we are always improving our techniques and the way we make our fake foods. We know we can always learn to be better when it comes to making fake food. The time and effort our staff puts into our products is something we pride ourselves in. Everything being hand made also sets us apart from the competition.