Christmas Cookies


One Dozen Fake Christmas Cookies (assorted styles) **Note – each cookie is hand frosted and may vary in color and frosting style**

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12 Christmas Cookies

Christmas is hands down the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone is always in a good mood around Christmas, people are buying gifts for their loved ones, and the kids are out of school. How much better can it be?

If you love Christmas time these cookies are essential for your holiday decor. I know we love the smell of fresh baked cookies especially around the holidays and the worst part is when they are all gone. With these cookies, you can enjoy them forever and year-round if you like! These are perfect to set out on your kitchen or coffee table and will make for an excellent conversation piece. Your guests will be stunned to find out they are fake because they look so real. 

These 12 cookies come in all different styles. Each cookie is hand pained and frosted. This is why some of the cookies will differ on how they look compared to the picture we have showing. We came up with 12 things that represented the Christmas season. Theses 12 cookies are a snowman, ornament, stocking, Christmas tree, Christmas light, candy cane, mitten, reindeer, snowflake, wreath, and Santa’s coat.

How It’s Made

These cookies were not made by using molds but by using cookie cutters to shape the dough and bake it. Once it’s cooled down we get to start painting and decorating. All of our employees take pride in the work they do and are always trying to improve their techniques. It takes years of dedication and hard work to perfect the skill of making fake food look realistic. Each item takes time and a lot of patience to get every little detail just right. We use edible sprinkles covered in resin on top of the cookies to get the effect of real sprinkles.