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Fake Food | We Specialize In Fake Food Designs

At Just Dough It!, you’ll be glad to know that we specialize in fake food designs. Whether you’re looking for a bowl of ice cream for your amazing ice cream shop or you’re looking for some cakes for your bakery, you will find it with us. Anytime that we can help you with any displaced is always a good thing. Many customers are drawn to what they can see and if they can see a delicious bowl of ice cream that looks absolutely amazing, it’ll definitely draw them into want to purchase what you are selling. So when you’re searching for fake food connect with us at (918) 455-0770 or visit www.justdoughit.com.

If you own the furniture store, we have the perfect food for you to display. The good news is that if you want to set up as furniture table as though it’s dinner time at a family house, we can provide you with nachos and cheese salsa we can even provide you with drinks. Maybe you’re looking for to having them serve dessert, we can make that happen for you to. We have a beautiful cake or we have cakes as an option for you as well.

Know if you own a diner and you’re looking to add some cool drinks that you served at your diner, we will be glad to help you with that as well. Maybe you want people to order a glass of milk or simply get a glass of orange juice, we can help make that happen for you. Or you want them to see that you do serve nachos with cheese, again, we can make that happen. You’ll be so glad to find exactly what you need at our shop.

We also do fruit as well. Maybe you want some sharp very have so people can see the fresh fruit that you also do sale. So will be glad to help you with this as well. If you when asked in fake tomato slices, we can take care that for you as well. Do we want to know that were all about being creative and we can help you get really good designs and workmanship. In addition to this, we offer a 30 day warranty on any of our props that you receive. This is really great because when you’re looking for fake food, is always good to company that delivers really great results.

You’ll find that with us. If you own a movie theater, you also be glad to know that we can give you a fake small bag of spilled M&Ms that you can display for your customers. The way this way they can get a visual of the M&Ms and it will entice them to want to even buy a package. The food looks absolutely delicious. Many of our clients have said the people have actually thought it was real. To find fake food connect with us today. Give us a call at (918) 455-0770 or visit www.justdoughit.com.