Television Shows Need Fake Food

This content was written for Just Dough It!

Are you new to producing television shows? Are you looking to create shows at your university on the local network channel? Are you on a tight budget, but still want to make everything look professional and not so amateur? Use our fake food products at Just Dough It! to get started crafting professional style television shows. Did you know that the food shown on TV is mostly fake? Sure, actors might really be consuming coffee or eating that apple, but the items on surrounding tables or the huge holiday meal is mostly not real. This allows for television shows to not waste food products, not have to worry about food spoiling during their takes, and keeps it budget-friendly because the items can be used over and over again. If you are wanting to create a show and are ready to start building an inventory of fake food, give us a call today.

Our customers expect the best, and that is what we give them. We not only provide the best products for them, but we also provide the best customer service. We have a large inventory of fake food for our customers to choose from to make it easier for them to place an order, but we also love getting custom order requests. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants. We know how important service is in growing a business, and that is how we have made it 20 plus years in this industry.

We offer a variety of items that can help you with your television production. Naturally, it will depend on what the setting is, but even if we don’t have something in our inventory that will suit your needs, we can create it. In fact, custom orders are some of our favorite orders! It is always fun to see what creative things our customers can come up with. Our store, however, is usually stocked with items, such as: cookies, cakes, ice cream, seasonal pastries, donuts, bread rolls, fruit, cheese, iced tea, wine, an assortment of vegetables, coffee, mixed drinks, popcorn…the list goes on! If you are curious if we have something you can use, check out our store page on the website.

Just Dough It! has remained one of the top manufacturers and distributors of fake foods for a reason. Our products are made using the best materials so they can last you for years to come. Quality will always be important to us and our reputation proves that. We are an American-based company. Plus, Just Dough It! proves that you don’t have to order overseas to keep your costs down. We pride ourselves on the quality and affordability of our products.

Let Just Dough It! help with your television production. We are here to answer any questions you might have to get the ball rolling. Order from our store online or call us. We can also create custom orders for you. Let us show you what 20 plus years of business looks like. Don’t wait any longer, call Just Dough It! and place your order today!