Fake Food Make TV Producers Happy

This content was written for Just Dough It!

Have you ever been on a TV set, possibly for a local or national newscast, and been rushed to create your dish? Have you run out of time on air to get to the final product? Have you shown your plated, finished product, only to see that the television didn’t capture its beauty well enough? That’s where Just Dough It! can step in and solve those problems for you. If you are a chef and are constantly invited to be a guest on certain television shows, or know you will be cooking and presenting a dish in the near future, let us help create a fake food item for your final product showing at the end of your segment. By using fake food, you not only are guaranteed to have something presentable that looks realistic for the end of your segment, but it also allows for time constraints, which are ever present in production–making the producers very happy. If you’re interested in how we can help make your dish stand out on TV, give us a call today.

We know how important customer service is to not only the customer, but also to the success of a business. That is why we make customer service a priority of ours at Just Dough It! We have learned a thing or two after more than 20 years in business, and we have become one of the best in our industry. Our customers’ testimonials say it all and we our proud of our reputation with them and in our industry. We aren’t happy unless our customers are happy.

We offer a variety of fake food products in our store online, however, we can make custom orders. If you have a dish you know you want to prepare for an upcoming segment, send us a picture and we can replicate it. If you are making a lemon orzo and asparagus dish, we would love to create the final product for you. We will make sure to make the colors and pieces to pop, while still looking incredibly realistic. So much so that you might have to warn others on set not to eat it! If you plan on creating a shrimp scampi, let us handle the plated version of it. Whatever dish you have up your sleeve that will showcase your restaurants creativity, we can help with that.

We stand out from our competition because of the quality of our foods, the relationships we build with our customers, and the love and detail we put into our work. In addition to how well our products are made, you will also be purchasing from a company right here in the USA. Our highly skilled artists help our products stand out against the rest in our industry. Nowhere else will you find such realistic-looking faux foods.

If you have a guest spot on a television show coming up and you’re going to be preparing a dish to show off a menu item, we would love to help. We are always eager to please our customers. You can order online and piece together your dish, or we can make custom orders that replicate your unique menu item. We are certain you’ll be satisfied by what we can do for you. Don’t wait any longer, call Just Dough It! and place your order today!