Fake Food | Let them Eat Cake

This content was written for Just Dough It!

Probably one of the industries that we work with the most are bakeries and we absolutely love the opportunity to help recreate one of your designs into a fake food forum that you can showcase year round. This is a painstaking and very detailed oriented process and we have an absolutely new reverence for the time and the detail that each and everyone of you Baker’s take into your projects. Especially when it comes to wedding cakes and big events this can be in huge project.

For years and years it has been standard that you just have a flip book of pictures of cakes that you’ve done previously. This is proven to be a beneficial tactic however we have found that when you take the time to invest into a fake food version of your cakes this helps clothes deals a lot easier. You will be able to show the customer exactly the size and the impacts of this cake is going to have on their event. They will see for themselves how beautiful the cake designs you have are and how lifelike the details are. We will take the time because we know that you would never compromise on quality and how much attention to detail you possess.

This is one of the many services that we offer. We work with many different kinds of Industries but we do find that bakeries benefit almost the best out of using us for their fake food any other industry that we work with. That is because when a customer walks in they can be blown away by how expensive one of these customized cakes would be. However it when they have the real life Mach up version of it sitting right in front of them price seems not be an issue. They’re Blown Away by the attention of detail and how beautiful and large the cake is.

We have done so many different versions of cakes and cupcakes and different pastry treats that there are many people who have left this wonderful Google reviews. These small business owners who have beautiful bakeries have been so thrilled with the versions that we have created for their display cases. They instantly noticed the difference that it makes and their sales process. We promise you will be blown away with our work or we will take the time to revise the product until it is perfect!

Although bakeries are absolutely the industry that might uses the most we absolutely believe that we are up to any Challenge and can excel in any industry that comes our way. Will absolutely be willing to create whatever it is that you are needing for your display case or to elevate the environment that you are in. Please give us a call or stop by today so that we can start making this display case dreams come true. We promise you you will notice the difference in your sales process!