Magazine Spreads You Want Using Fake Food

This content was written for Just Dough It!

Are you a magazine publisher? Are you trying to figure out a way to make your magazine spreads more engaging? Do you feel like you are running out of ideas when it comes to what images you can put on a spread that will grab your readers’ attention? We know what you can do! At Just Dough It!, we create fake food so realistic that your readers will not ever think it is fake. You can use our fake foods in your photo spreads for background imagery; have a model holding them, or make them the main focus of the photo. There are a lot of ways we can help you add some pizzazz to your magazine, so give us a call or visit our store on our website to start getting ideas on how we can help you.

Customers are our number one priority. We love our customers and we cherish and appreciate every order that is placed. That is why we work hard in providing excellent customer service along with the best fake food products we can deliver. We treat our customers right, which is why they continue to come back and order more items from us and refer their friends and family to us, too. If you have any questions, give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

How can we make your magazine spreads more interesting and engaging? Easy! Think of your upcoming issues and what large editorial pieces you have written. Is it holiday themed? Seasonal? Kid-focused? Is it regarding health and wellness or real estate? All of these things can incorporate food as the focus or in the background to make the imagery more appealing. For real estate, you can stage your home with fake citrus, pies, or cakes. Holiday theme can use barbecue for the Fourth of July, turkey for Thanksgiving, or Christmas cookies at Christmas. Health and wellness topics can use fruits and veggies, smoothies, or other healthy food options. Topics regarding children can use cupcakes, candy, ice cream cones or popsicles. Here at Just Dough It!, we can create any of that, plus more!

We have been in business for more than 20 years and still remain one of the best in our industry. We take the time to craft each piece and our artists put the attention to detail in each order that is needed to make sure our customers are getting exactly what they want. We make our items using the best materials to last you for years to come, which makes us a great investment. Do not let others fool you into thinking they are the best. Let us show you why we are a favorite of our customers and their businesses.

When you are considering the images for your magazine spreads, think of Just Dough It! We take care of our customers and deliver the best to them. We have a large inventory to choose from, or we can create a custom order. Let us show you why our fake food products are favorites in the industry. Don’t wait any longer, call Just Dough It! and place your order today!