Fake Food | Concessions Stand

This content was written for Just Dough It!

So you are head of the booster club this year and you want to make sure that your concession stand from the very best that ever has for any of the school sporting events so you’re looking to invest in some fake food to elevate your display cases. This is absolutely a wonderful idea and will make you stand out from any other school around. People will be able to visually see how delicious your popcorn or nachos are. You won’t have to worry about putting out a new place that might get messy or crusty by the end of the game.

We are absolutely so excited that you are taking this Challenge and that you were trying to do the very best that you can do and getting money for the school. We will be as passionate about this project when we are creating the fake food for you to sit out and display. This is known to help increase cells as people are able to visually see how delicious the food looks. It is also appealing because people will be comforted with the fact that this food is not sitting out there and just getting Christian gross. You will also be able to save time cuz you will not have to worry about your displaced you will know that they are going to be durable and that they are not going to be damaged.

No one will be running away with this display food either because it is a product of its not real so you will not have to worry about that. We want to make sure that the fake food equally represents the exact food that you are delivering to your customers. We want to give them an expectation that is very realistic and that they can be excited about. Setting it at the gate when people walk in so that they can see and have it in their mind what they be able to get at the concession stand. Our goal is to help you make as much money for the booster club as you can and set a new record for the school.

You might be thinking that this is a silly idea and that you are going overboard. We want to give you comfort at this is a great decision that will help you and your sales process by encouraging you to read a few of our Google reviews. You will find that people are always very thrilled with the decision to work with us and are always so excited about the products. They are able to save money by having a product that can be reused over and over again and they do not have to worry about any damage coming to the product. People have also noticed how much money they are saving but not having to display a real food that is going to end up being wasted.

This is absolutely something that is in our ballpark as we are always up to new challenges and things that we can do that is different than anything we’ve done ever before. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas so please give us a call or just go ahead and stop on in so that we can go over some ideas for that concession stand.