Make Wine Tastings Fun With Fake Food

This content was written for Just Dough It!

Do you get invited to events to showcase your wines? Are you constantly showing up to tasting events in order to promote your wine? Do you wish you had something to make your wine standout, other than the taste, in order to increase sales at tastings or events? We have the perfect thing to help you do just that at Just Dough It! At your next event or wine tasting, use one of our fake food products to show consumers what would best be paired with that wine. By using our incredibly realistic fake food, you are giving consumers an experience and showing them what is best paired with each wine instead of just telling them. Let Just Dough It! help make your next event even more memorable than before.

Just Dough It! is our name and customer service is our game…well, one of them. We provide top-notch customer service to make sure every client of ours is happy from beginning to end. As someone who makes and/or sells wine, you know how important customer service can be to a business. We have more than 20 years in the industry and we give credit to the quality of our products coupled with how we treat our customers. Let us show you why we have been so successful.

When you drink wine, you automatically start envisioning foods that would be good with it and vice versa. So why not showcase certain meals during wine tastings? You can order fake meals from us, such as filet mignon with a rich balsamic glaze, which would pair nicely with a Cabernet; lemon halibut atop a bed of steamed asparagus, which would go great with a Sauvignon Blanc. Or rosemary braised lamb shanks, which would be tasty paired with a Malbec. Whatever meal you think would go great with one of your wines, we can create the fake version of it. We can create glasses filled with fake wine it them, also.

When you think of a company to order from, you consider many different things. Things such as positive customer testimonials, quality of products and price. Lucky for our customers (and us), we have the best in all three! We remain one of the best in our industry for a reason and we will continue to be one of the best as long as we are in business. When you order from us, you are in good hands with a company who cares about their products and their customers.

Just Dough It! can create any fake food dish that will pair great with your wines and entice customers to purchase even more. You will be blown away by our customer service when you give us a call. We have items in our inventory, but we create customer orders, too. In fact, we love creating custom orders and seeing the creativity our clients have. It also helps us to decide what to cook for dinner. Let us show you why we beat out our competition. Don’t wait any longer, call Just Dough It! and place your order today!