Fake Food Props | Ripley’s believe it or not, it’s fake food.

This content was written for Just Dough It.

Just though it started back in 22 years ago as a small home-based fake food props business in Tulsa Oklahoma. They have recently just expanded into a new 2000 ft.² warehouse and office combo. Where they continue to this day to create the highest level of fake food products in the nation. This is the real deal, there is no one else that compares to just dough it and their level of attention in detail. They use only the highest ingredients in all their handmade fake food props and beverages. All of their faux foods are hundred percent non-toxic, and although they look scrumptious please try your best not to eat them.

Just dough it, have been featured in multiple TV shows, movies and local news stations and newspaper. They have been featured in Santa Claus three and the Muppets movie. Just though it has also been featured on several extremely popular TV shows including house, glee, disney’s phineas and ferb, Sonny with a chance of meatballs and several others. Hollywood Ulmer uses the best and highest quality fake food products, so you know when you order from just dough it, you will receive the same top-quality fake food props and beverages. Extremely realistic food and drink replicants that will even fool the most keen eye.

Just Dough it fake food props has been featured in the Muppet movie, the Rachael Ray show, Tulsa world, business insider and news channel 6. I encourage you to visit their website and see some of their lovely works of art and read some of the testimonies. With over 22 years of experience in the sky’s the limit, on what they can create.

Many of their fake food props will take one to two weeks after purchase in order to get to your doorstep. Please be patient as each and every one of these are handmade and no to fake food props are identical. To you basically be owning a work of art in food form. They have a long list of items that you continue such as breakfast items, sweets, donuts, cookies, cupcakes, desserts, vegetables, fruits, drinks, snacks, appetizers, entrées and even spilt drinks and other novelty items.

Visit www.justdoughit.com to view their inventory on their website and peruse the many pages of wonderful novelties fake food props they have to offer. They also give them a call at (918) 455-0770 if you have any questions in regards to purchasing or caring for your fake food. They offer hundred percent moneyback satisfaction guarantee on all items they carry. So what you waiting for get your fake food fix from the realist in the industry.

Fake Food Props | Mouth Watering Faux Foods

This content was written for Just Dough It.

How do you know what is real? Ask us and we will tell you what is up pal! Such succulent, mouthwatering fake food props come from no one else except for just dough it. They are masters of their craft and with over 22 years perfecting the fake food props they’ve rose to the top and have no competition in the fake food market, featured on numerous television and movies. They are the top quality used the highest ingredients and are hundred percent non-toxic. The safe for pets and children, but please keep an eye on pets or children in order that they do not try and eat fake food products.

You may be looking for your next fake food props, while the search is over is to it is the number one producer of fake food and states. Whatever you can think of they’ve made it or can make it. They had skittles, milkshakes, jellybeans, chocolate candies, popcorn, donuts, Sundays, ice cream, spilt wine, spilt milk, spilt coke and too many more to even list. In each item is handmade and no two items will ever be the same.

In order to keep your fake food props for life they asked that you store and keep all of your products in a dry and humid free area. Be sure to keep out of direct sunlight and they will last the rest of your life year after year of enjoyment. Just dough it, make their cakes out of Styrofoam and the frosting is made out of rubber material.

We have the eye of the tiger in us and we get it done fast for you and we rock it everytime! All other beverages are made with a high quality poly resin which sets up in time to become a hard plastic material. There donuts, tarts and cookies are made out of a thing called salt dough. Each and every item they make are all safe for display but please resist the temptations to take a bite and eat it. All the foods they make make wonderful addition for you to decorate your house. Many interior decorators and home stagers have used just to its fake food props. You can clean off all of your fake food products with a soft rank and furniture polish. Their cakes may be cleaned with a slightly damp rag, just be sure to wipe up the excess water after your finish cleaning. And whatever you do please keep them in room temperature and displayed out of direct sunlight. If you follow these simple steps you will have your fake food props forever.

All of Just Dough it products carry a 30 day moneyback for the reason if you are not satisfied with your latest purchase you may return it within those first 30 days for a full refund, shipping is nonrefundable unfortunately though. But you probably won’t ever have any even returned one of your products or fake food props that you have purchased from just dough it. Please visit the website www.justdoughit.com or give him a call your early convenience and get your fake food needs and desires met, by the one and only just dough it. You have nothing only and we guarantee you’ll love your product.