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Have you been watching your favorite TV show or movie and noticed that all the food looks so scrumptious and delicious. Well 9 out of 10 the food used in those TV shows or movies are fake food props. Many studios use fake food props because it is much easier to use than anything that would melt, stale break down over time. Just dough it, has been making high quality detail oriented fake food props for over 22 years. They started as a small home-based business, selling to their local craft markets to now one of the top producers of fake food props in the nation. It’s no mystery whenever you see some of their fake food, why they have shot up to the top of the industry.

At that feature in the Santa clause 3, which stars Tim Allen and Martin short. and have also been in the Muppet movie, where Miss Piggy eats some fake food props donuts. Yummy! Just Dough It, has also been featured on the set of the medical show house, a long-running soap opera one life to live. And have been featured on Disney’s Phineas and ferb and Sonny with a chance. A few years back just to possess to make the coastal 5 foot tall ice cream tower to be placed in the Walmart museum in Bentonville. It turned out wonderful and stands in the museum to this day.

They’ve even been featured on the show glee. They used their fake food props in many of their diners, next time you watch the show you have to check it out for yourself. Many businesses have also started carrying, selling or displaying just dough it fake food props. Some of those companies include life that photography, Pizza Hut, Pottery Barn, Ralph Lorenz, Vera Bradley, Fuddruckers, the container store, IKEA, no Norwegian Cruise line and many many more have begun using just dough it’s fake food props.

Every single fake food problem that just dough it produces is a one-of-a-kind work of art and will last the a life time when stored and cared for properly. They recommend keeping it a indirect sunlit area as well as humidity and damp free. Best to store in a dark and room temperature area. These fake food props are built to last and will last a lifetime as long as it doesn’t freeze or exposed to much humidity and moisture.

So what you waiting for visit www.justdoughit.com were given them a call at (918) 455-0770 and place your order for your own fake food props. Every order is custom-made and will usually ship out in one to two weeks. You must prepay for all items before items will be shipped to you. Behind her percent satisfaction guarantee is put on every single fake food props and will gladly refund your money if for any reason you’re not satisfied, minus shipping and handling course. So go and see why Just Dough it, is the market leader in fake food props in America.

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This content was written for Just Dough It.

Started 22 years ago just to it has been creating and importing some of the highest quality fake food props in the nation. Started as a small home business and quickly grew into the multimillion dollar business it is today. Their attention to detail and use of highest-quality materials have propelled them into a brand-new business level. The owners can never match how successful the business would be. But because of their passion and dedication to their craft they kept grinding and are now one of the best fake food props organizations in the nation.

Many directors enjoy using fake food props, because movies are not shot in one day and they must last many months of shooting in many different types of environments. A lot of advertisers also use fake food such as cereal, bread, milk,, etc. for their commercials for the exact same reasons. Just dough it has been featured in a Santa clause 3 of the Muppet movie. Miss Piggy can be seen chomp down on deliciously frosted cake donuts. They have also been on the set of the medical drama House the long-standing and running soap opera One Life to live and Disney channels Sonny with a chance and Phineas and ferb.

The Walton family even reached out to adjust to it to have a special 5 foot tall commissioned ice cream tower. This ice cream tower now since in Walmart Museum in Bentonville Arkansas. In numerous business have begin to pick up their fake food props and carry them in their stores. Some of the major corporations that carry or use for fake food props are: Pizza Hut, the container store, Norwegian Cruise line, IKEA, Pottery Barn, the Bradley, Ralph Lauren and numerous other companies. They either carry to sell or user fake food props as display in the storefronts. There are also offered for sale in hundreds of small gift boutiques throughout the nation.

Just to it have thousands of happy and highly satisfied customers. They invite you to be up to add your name to that list of 100% satisfied clients. All of their display fake food props come with a unconditional hundred percent moneyback guarantee. They are so sure that you will join her fake food props that they back it up 100% and will refund your money for any reason at all if you are not satisfied.

So don’t delay top on the website today www.justdoughit.com. or just give thim a call (918) 455-0770 or by email just fakefoods@justdoughit.com. View some of their testimonies on the website to get a better idea of how satisfied some of their clients are, you may also reach out to them to requests a special custom fake food product of your dreams. You will not be disappointed in the top quality and detail oriented works of arts they produce every day. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks shipping once orders placed and paid for.