Fake Food Props | donuts for Miss Piggy

This content was written for Just Dough It.

There is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind custom fake food props featured in many popular TV shows and movies. Just Dough It has been creating some of the best and most detailed fake food props for over 22 years what started out as a small garage-based hobby, has now exploded into a multimillion dollar business with well over $2 million worth of fake food props sold throughout the world. These one-of-a-kind, customize state food props pressure to make a wonderful gift for family, friends or loved ones or even a gift to yourself.

It was on the set of Rachael Ray in October 2006, when the business started gaining major traction and sales began to shoot through the roof. Just Dough it, was highlighted on Rachel’s show covering faux food. If you’d like to view the clip itself you can go on their website and find the link www.justdoughit.com. Their fake food props have also been used in the popular TV show glee, when they bought multiple milkshakes and Sundays but is used in their diner scenes on a regular basis.

Just dough it has also been featured in the Santa clause 3 and the Muppet movie. They have also frequented the set of extremely popular show house, the long-running soap opera One Life to live and have made the rounds on the Disney channel including, Sonny with a chance and Phineas and ferb. And every day they work with movie studios and advertisers. They know the high quality of their fake food props. With Hollywood uses them you know they’re good enough for your home or office.

Many businesses have begun carrying just dough it takes to props. Some businesses carry them as decorations and others carry their fake food props for sale to the general public. All of their fake food and beverages will make wonderful additions used to decorate your home or office, stage a model home or simply accentuate store displays.

They have thousands of happy and satisfied clients over the course of the last 22 years. All the fake food props are handmade and highly customized so that no two individual fake food items will ever be the same. So by the confidence in knowing that each item you make will be made with love and attention to detail. They have 100% satisfaction guaranteed on every single item that you purchased them for any reason you are not satisfied with the vacant PLEASE reach out to them and they will refund you in full minus shipping. So now’s the time to own a piece of artwork featured in many movies, TV shows and businesses. Visit www.justdoughit.com were given the call (918) 455-0770. So what are you waiting for order your fake food props today!

Fake Food Props | cookies for Santa clause

This content was written for Just Dough It.

Leaving cookies out for Santa Claus, who comes up to me and grope some cooking way to realize he grabbed your just dough it fake food props instead! Their fake food props look exactly or even better than the real things themselves. Tim Allen and Santa Claus through enjoyed some of just dough it’s fake food props cookies. Fake food prompted been a staple in many movies and advertising campaigns. Their use because of the shelf life and the ability to work with more easily than the real thing itself.

Just Dough it fake food props up in featured on the set of Santa Claus three in the Muppet movie. They’ve also been seen on the show house, soap opera One Life to live in Disney’s Phineas and as well as Sonny with a chance. They even have the opportunity to create a custom one-of-a-kind 5 foot tall ice cream tower for the Walton family. This lovely sculpture still stands today in the Walmart Museum located at Walmartville aka Bentonville Arkansas. Even the show glee got in on the action and will stage their fix the problem Sundays and milkshakes the majority of their diners seems in the popular musical TV show,

Give just dough it a chance to earn your loyalty and the fake food props industry. They have an extremely long line of joyful and satisfied customers throughout the 22 years of producing the finest fake food props in the nation. There are also several businesses that you will be able to find carrying or displaying their fake food products. Some of the more recognized businesses are life touch photography, Pizza Hut, Pottery Barn, Ralph Florian, Fuddruckers, IKEA, container store, Norwegian Cruise line and longaberger baskets. That is just a small fraction of the many companies throughout the United States that carried or displayed just dough it fake food props.

Appearing in numerous television shows and movies they have taken Hollywood by storm. You can view their website www.justdoughit.com to see some of their examples of highly crafted dessert, cookies, donuts, brownies, popcorn, shakes, ice cream, this list goes on and on. If there’s nothing that strikes your fancy you can always reach out to them and they will create a custom piece just for you. The rest easy because there’s 100% satisfaction guarantee on every item purchased. Be aware that all these items are handmade and noted that food products will ever look the same. And please know that once you paid for your fake food props it will take one to two weeks to be delivered, once again these are all who made an made-to-order.

So this is your chance to own a Hollywood worthy fake food props in your own home. Visit www.justdoughit.com were give them a (918) 455-0770. I can’t wait to hand the coastal state food item for you or the family. They also make great gifts and you will be able to see the height quality and attention to detail and all of their fake food items they make and carry. So stop your browsing on the Internet and don’t get you a one-of-a-kind pieces of art from Just Dough It!