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This content was written for Just Dough It.

With the first thing that comes to mind when i mention fake food? Could be genetically modified organisms, or junk food, or even holisitic healing? Well here at Just Dough it, when they say fake food, they mean it! Just Dough it, is the premier fake food maker in the united states of America. For over 22 years they have been producing the highest quality of fake food. Their creations have been in serveral movies such as, The santa clause 3 and the muppet movie. Just Dough It fake foods have also been featured on the televsion as props in the show, House, Disney Channel’s – Phineas and Ferb, Sonny with a chance of meatballs and the extremely popular soap opera, one life to live.

Just Dough It makes the most realistic fake food and drink replicas in the United States of America. They offer a long an extensive list of faux food catagories. Including, breakfast and bakery items, desserts, veggies and fruit, donuts, cupcakes and cookies, drinks, sweet and savory snacks, entrees and appetizers and novelties items and spilled drinks. Their fake food is so realistic that most people wouldn’t think twice when they pass by a fruit bouquet or see some popcorn in a bowl. Only until they start trying to eat it, that they very quickly realize this is not real! Just Dough It, makes the most realistic and convincing fake food on the market.

Just Dough It is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma at 6035 S 116th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74146. Recently expanded into a brand new warehouse and office. Totaling 2,000 sq. ft! That’s a whole lot of room to keep producing the most convincing fake food. With this new address they have all the room for many more activies to produce the finest and most realistic fake foods! Just Dough It keeps adding to their long list of fake food items. They now carry imported pastries, fruit slices and bread! So don’t worry, if you have fgluten allergy their fake bread won’t affect you, it may give you a scare though because it is so realistic.

Over 22 years ago, Just Dough It began producing handcrafted fake food and novelities items. What started out as side hustle and hobby, selling fake food at local craft shows, immense popular and demand evolved the business into what they are today. Since inception Just Dough It has sold well over 2 million dollars of the most realistic fake food! With highly satisfied customers just dough it has a long line of extremely satisfied customers and that was just growing every day to keep producing the finest fake food in the nation.

Just dough it, produces the most realistic handcrafted fake food props. This’ll make a great valuable addition to cure every stage of model for sale, or festively decorate your home or create beautiful highly realistic store displays or for resale. So what are you waiting for go visit www.justdoughit.com or free to call their headquarters (918) 455-0770. Just Dough It, encourages you to reach out with any questions, concerns or comments via fakefood@justdoughit.com. So get your fake food today and while friends or family with the realistic beauty of just dough it fake foods. You will be amazed when you hold or stage these beautifully handcrafted creations.

Fake Food | Food for TV
This content was written for Just Dough It.

Here’s food for thought, well fake food for thought that is! Just Dough It, has been creating finely crafted confections and expertly crafted fruits and veggies, desserts, bread, snacks and drinks. They make it so realistic that 99% of people don’t even know its fake! Before you take a bite of that fruit bowl be sure to double check to make certain it’s not a prop! Just Dough It, has worked with several high-profile clients including, Pizza Hut, Ralph Lauren, Pottery Barn, vera Bradley, IKEA, Fuddruckers, Norwegian Cruise line, life touch photography, the container store in many many more companies chose to just dough it fake foods. Just go into are offered and hundreds of boutique and gift stores across America and can also be found on Amazon.

With over 22 years of experience in the fake food industry has had multiple thousands of happy customers, just dough it once to add you to the long and satisfied. Just to it offers hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed if for any reason through unsatisfied with your purchase they will take it back, less handling and shipping. Started out as a humble hobby just to its recruits were handcrafted items being sold crapshoot and have since grown to a multimillion dollar company, selling over $2 million worth of fake foods since he began producing the highest quality of faux food.

Just don’t fake foods or for display only and are not meant to be consumed or drink. It’s best to keep your fake food out of the sunlight in an area that is moisture temperature controlled. Every item of just makes the company with a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Each item purchased from just dough it is handmade and there may be very concise, shapes and/or colors of the product. Orders are available you will be subjected a rush charge shipping fee. Just to its average time is usually around 1 to 2 weeks after receipt of your fake food order. Each and every order must be prepaid before it shipped out. They also have a wholesale auction for for businesses. This is the real deal in the fake food market. In the real estate market many occupations interior decorators that people who stage have been pleasantly surprised with a high quality of fake food from just dough it.

Many photographers, store owners and restaurant is as important just dough it’s faux food products in the business to allure new customers. Their products are made from a wide array of materials. There takes are made out of a Styrofoam and the frosting on top is a rubber material. The fake beverages they make are formed out of a poly resin that after setting turns into hard plastic donuts, cookies and tarts are all made with salt to achieve the ultra-realistic look. Every item they make are considered safe and non-toxic but please do not eat, no matter how tempted you may be.

Just dough it wants to earn your business and will guarantee 100% satisfaction on everything they make or sale. Please visit their website www.justdoughit.com to place your first order today. You may also reach out by (918) 455-0770 or go ahead and send them an e-mail @ fakefood@justdoughit.com. So what are you waiting for go get your fake foods from the from the best there is!