Fake Food | That looks delicious

This content socket was written for Just Dough It.

A wow that looks so delicious! Do you mind if I have some of that ice cream sundae? As you hand over the ice cream sundae and they take a bite only to their dismay that it’s fake food. This happens on a regular at Just Dought it. Based in Tulsa Oklahoma, Just Dough It is the best realistic food and drink replica fake food company in America. Whatever fake food item you are looking for just dough it can just do it! Whether you’re looking for bakery items such as: fake documents, bagels with cream cheese, fake banana nut muffin fake breaded loaf bread, or fake cereal. Really whatever you can imagine they’ve made it or can make it. Reasonably priced and built to last a lifetime, just dough it, creates hyperrealistic fake food, beverages and novelty items.

Don’t take my word for it go visit their website www.justdoughit.com and read some testimonials customers have left over the years. They are so confident that you will be extremely happy and satisfied with their fake food products that they offer 100% unconditional guarantee on all items purchased through them. So who would be someone that was looking to use state food and beverages? That’s a great question many of their fake food go into decorating homes and in which are used by home stagers, photographers, restaurant owners, store displays, interior designers or they make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones.

Just do it makes all the products of non-toxic materials with 100 hundred percent safe to touch, but no matter what do not eat it! It’s harder than you think to resist the temptation to bite into these delicious looking confections. All of their are cakes are made out of Styrofoam and are frosted with a rubber, non-toxic material. Their cookies, tarts and donuts are made out of Salt dough, which in fact are edible but we highly recommend it.

So display your fake foods proudly! These are one-of-a-kind works of art. Just be sure that you store and care for your fake food products according to their fact sheet. Make sure all of your fake items are kept in dry and moisture free environments. Keep out of direct sunlight is much as possible or they will begin to fade and possibly crack. All of the fake beverages can be dusted with the rank and lightly furniture polished. Just dough it cakes, can be cleaned using a damp rag just be sure and wipe all excess moisture off once clean. And then be sure to keep in a temperature controlled area and keep away from freezing areas.

All products carried and supplied by just dough it have a 30 day moneyback guarantee. They know you will be enamored with the new fake food product and for any reason you’re not satisfied you were able to return it within 30 days for a full refund, shipping is not refundable. So visit their website www.justdoughit.com or give them a call (918) 455-0770 and get the order your fake food products. These Master crafted fake food will look more real than a real food item! don’t believe me, try Just Dough it out for yourself and see why they are the number one fake food maker and America.

Fake Food | Are you not going to share that popcorn with me?
This content was written for Just Dough It.

When you share that popcorn with me asked a friend as we sat around from the TV. What popcorn you want to eat I asked? That one right in front of you on the table. I laughed and said note this is not real, this is from just dough it. My friend didn’t believe me and reached and try to grab some popcorn, to their dismay and shock they screamed what!? That’s the most realistic popcorn I’ve ever seen, I can almost smell it! This reaction is not a common when people order fake food and beverages from just dough it.

As one of the top quality producers of fake food, beverages and novelty items in the United States, they have been creating high-quality fake food item for over 22 years. Started off as a small home business Tulsa Oklahoma, they has since exploded onto the scene and have sold well over $2 million worth of fake food products since. And thousands escape here on the Rachael Ray show and this helped propel them into a brand-new echelon of business. They haven’t looked back since that day and are still going full steam ahead.

They specialize in several categories of fake food including but not limited to, sweet savory snacks, entrées and appetizers, spilled drinks and novelty, drinks, vegetables and fruits, desserts, cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies and breakfast and bakery items. With thousands of options to choose from each one is homemade and no two look-alike. These are works of art that look like you could eat, but most deftly should not eat.

There are always open for challenge and will not shut down from any custom orders. Just Dough It’s products have been featured on, the Muppet movie, Rachael Ray show, the Tulsa world, news channel 6 and business insider. They’ve also made it onto the silver screen and appeared in several popular movies and TV shows. Sam Walton’s family commissioned a custom 5 foot tall ice cream sundae which now housed in the Walmart Museum located in the Bentonville Arkansas. Even the show glee jumped in on the action and purchase fake food milkshakes and sundaes and use them in many of their dinner scene throughout the seasons.

There are several major businesses that carry or use just dough it’s fake food items and beverages. Life touch photography, pottery barn, Ralph Laurent, Fuddruckers, Achaea, and the container store, Pizza Hut, and Norwegian Cruise line are only a few of the companies that have been using or selling and are completely satisfied with the fake food products. So look no further for your fake food and beverage needs, just dough it is your go to source for fake food and beverages. Visit their website www.justdoughit.com or give them a call (918) 455-0770 and see what all the hype is about. And as always just dough it offers 100% satisfaction guarantee.