Social Media and Fake Food: Restaurant Gold

This content was written for Just Dough It!

Are you trying to bring in more customers to your restaurant, but you are struggling how to do so? Is your social media game lame and you are unsure how to increase followers for your restaurant’s social media accounts? Is your food delicious, but it never seems to photograph well for social media posting? Order our fake food to help you with those problems! At Just Dough It!, we create realistic-looking fake food that is so detailed and well done that your followers would never believe it is not real. When you have one of our products on hand, you can be sure that they will photograph well and can be easily moved without making a mess for better lighting. Let us help you increase your social media followers and get more foot traffic in the door. Order from us today!

We work very hard getting our fake foods to not only look realistic, but also look exactly what our customers envisioned. Our customers are very important to us, which is why we pride ourselves on our customer service. We continue to grow thanks to our repeat customers and their several friends and colleagues who they have referred to us. If you’re interested in what Just Dough It! can do for you, give us a call or jump on our website! We’d love to have you as a customer, too!

Do you have a menu item that is your most popular? Let us recreate it so you can have on hand and take photographs of it to post online. What items can we create? We can make anything you offer, but some examples are: breakfast items like pancakes, eggs, and sausages. We also have desserts ranging from cupcakes and cookies to donuts, pies and cheesecake. We can also create custom orders that range from chips and salsa and cobb salad to deviled eggs, and meat and potatoes. If you are wanting beverages, then check out our pitchers of fake iced drinks like tea, water and lemonade. We can create a pitcher of margaritas on the rocks, garnished with lime and orange slices, too.

One of the reasons we see repeat customers is due to their satisfaction with the quality of our fake food designs. We take great pride in our products and how they are made. Each item is crafted by our artists and given the time and attention they need to stand out against our competitors. And do not worry, just because we have great prices does not mean that the quality is lacking. We make our products using only high-quality materials so they can last for years.

If you are eager to up your social media game, let Just Dough It! help with that. Our customer service is the best. We offer many different choices of products for food or beverages, or you can place a custom order. We are great at what we do and our prices match. Don’t wait any longer, call Just Dough It! and place your order today!